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A unique guide for all the daughters stepping into their Buloogh - an age of honor.

This wonderful workbook features 5 different sections that are designed to ease the understanding of girls, ages 8-12, about Faith, God's creation & the phases of buloogh. Crafted with the help of Medical professionals, a Clinical Therapist along with the Islamic perspective, this will be a memorable keepsake for you & your precious daughter.

The workbook includes:

  • Over 100 pages

  • Paper Crafts

  • Reflection Prompts 

  • Photo Album 

  • Mazes

  • A concise and attractive approach to explain buloogh under 3  sub sections: 
    -Physical Growth
    -Emotional Growth
    -Spiritual Growth 

Mothers/Guardians  supervision recommended!

Age of  Honor.jpeg
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