The Final Call​

I had come from Yemen to the House where knowledge splits.

The Holy five welcomed me and they called me "Murtajis".


I recognized my master from a very young age.

He had mesmerizing eyes with a glow on his face.


He was just a little boy when He commanded me to sit.

I listened to His orders and was ready to commit. 


My Maula climbed on me and gave me the insight.

That one day I will fight for a cause which is right.


His grandfather started crying, since He knew what was to happen.

The event He was foreseeing , was a cause of misshapen.


The lion of Allah trained me throughout my early years. 

He prepared me for a grand battle and made sure I had no fears. 


I witnessed many tragedies this Holy house went through .

And patient I remained  in calamities as my Master had told me to.


Years went by slowly but I can never forget that day .

When Hussain (as) left Medina and reached Karbala to stay.

A night before the Ashura I heard my Master cry,

“Oh loyal friends !” You do not have to fight," but they wanted to sacrifice.


When the sun appeared on Ashura, I felt a different heat.

The earth was shaking heavily from underneath my feet.

That day I saw beloved ones, who were ready to give their lives.

They fought so bravely one by one, as they wanted HIM to survive.


And then I saw the time had come for Hussain (as) to say goodbye.

To his ailing son , a thirsty daughter and a sister who began to cry.


It was a painful farewell, for the brave son of Ali .

My master then climbed on me and then I heard a plea. 

I felt a tight tug on my leg , and then I couldn't move.

And heard an aching cry from below, I looked towards my hooves .

There I saw Sakina , she didn't want her baba to leave. 

Hussain then came down to her and comforted her grieve.


At last he went to the battle field and fought tirelessly there.

The hunger and thirst of many days was giving him a glare.


Like my rider I was tired and thirsty in the blistering heat.

The endless tears from lonely Hussain, kept me cool and upbeat.

I heard a whisper in my ears so I moved towards a place.

Bringing my master to a special site and then we embraced.

I came close to that burning ground, so my Maula could slide.

Making sure no one could hurt Him, so I remained by his side.

A call then came from the skies above, the Lord was pleased with Him.

I stepped aside with teary eyes and started praying for Him.


In the last moments when the sky turned red, my master was in pain. 

Shimir, the cursed one, was on his chest, brutally cutting his veins.


I saw a mother weeping, while stopping the running knife.

But my Hussain a.s was waiting eagerly, to give his precious life. 


I listened to His commands and ran towards the tents.

To tell a distressed sister about the unfortunate events.

She saw my empty saddle and began to understand.

I quickly moved towards her as she was falling on the sand. 


The women came out of the tents, wailing for Hussain (a.s)

I couldn't keep my tears in, as I could understand.

I felt an emptiness inside , a part of me was gone. 

My Hussain (a.s) gave his precious life, to prove the enemies wrong.


Wallah hi  I made a promise I will surely take revenge.

With my new Master(atf) beside me, ready to bring an end.

He will cry a loud call for us, to join the mighty fight.

Will you respond to this “Final Call“ to join Him and His knights?

A Grieving Daughter


I have so much to tell you,O my dear mother.

So much happened in Karbala to my beloved brother.


We were treated worse than animals, thirsty for three days straight.

We didn't have any food, so not a single morsel we ate.


Hurr came to our side to help my brother Hussain 

Unfortunately, oh Hurr by the enemy he was slain.


The women had wailed when Qasim had gone

For us it was Hassan again who had passed on,

But his death he knew would come with ease  

It was all for his lord that he wanted to please.


As for Awn and Mohammed they bid me goodbye

I remained patient in that moment and didn’t let out a sigh. 

They kept my promise and fought bravely with thirst.

But if you had seen this, in tears you would burst. 


When Ali Akber went to the battlefield, I was sure he would survive.

His face was like my Grandfather but they couldn’t recognize.

His death was most painful for my brave brother Hussain.

He reminded him of your father it was so easy to understand. 


The moon of Bani Hashim O mother how could I say.

His story is so agonizing it still takes my breath away.

Abbas laid by the river unable to quench our thirst.

Which massaib of his should I cry out first. 


No man has been loyal while his name still lives

For the meaning of loyalty Abbas's life gives.

When he fell to the ground, your Hussain said with emotion

“Oh my brother Abbas a.s without you my back has been broken.”


And the arrow in the neck of the six month old rose

The blood that drenched his small, infant clothes

More blood than the milk he ever drank from his mother

Yet this soldier was the youngest amongst all of his brothers.


At last your son Hussain was one man alone

It hurts me to tell you no mercy was shown

Shimr sat on his chest and held his blood drenched beard, 

But my Hussain was smiling from each ear to ear

His lord was happy that’s all that mattered 

His love for Allah could never be shattered.


Then the horse of my brother came to us without a rider, 

Left behind in the sand was my dearest headless fighter.


Its head and mane covered in blood. 

Was this the sound of my cry or



The camp pushed down, while flames went up

little children rushed out, as their dresses lit up 


Sakina was full of tears with her tiny bleeding ears

Bruises on her face and her thirst so severe

She ran for her father whose body still bled 

To look for his chest which was no longer her bed 


Oh my mother 

That's what happened in Karbala, that's what was done,

But the story of Kufa and Sham,I have not yet begun.


No chador to wear but there was rope tied to our arms

and grief soared high from Kufa to Sham.


Your grandson was chained from head to toe 

In chains and rope so thick no skin was left to show.

He remained very patient throughout this difficult task.

But now he cries in distress, his emotions he could not mask.


How could they treat us like this?

Do they not know who was my grandfather?

Are they not satisfied that they’ve already killed my brother?

Do they not see the sky that’s turned red?

Or the suffering children, crying at the sight of my brother's head.


We were taken in the streets and were  treated worse than beasts.

In those moments I remembered you so my strength won’t decrease.


No one recognized us in the city of Ali 

Those people promised to help but instead chose to flee 

And sham was the same it brought me to shame

Hundreds of people around us, just giving us blame.


When we reached Yazid’s palace he put us in a dark prison.

He tortured us thinking we would betray our holy mission. 


My darling Sakina couldn’t handle all that pain.

So she departed sadly to meet my brother Hussain.


Then finally came the time we were about to be released,

Though without Sakina our hearts were tearing piece by piece 


It was the painful farewell for Umme Rubab and me 

But we had to leave Sakina in that dungeon to rest in peace.


That journey was very long on our way back home.

We returned to dear Sughra with teary eyes and aching bones.


But Oh my Dear Mother!

With all these hardships, the torture and cruelty

To tell you the truth, “I saw nothing but beauty. “


And now I pray whoever visits Hussain’s dome.

They will have another place which they can call home.