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This book analyzes Amirul Momineen’s (a) title, “Father of Dust”, commonly known as “Abu Turab”. While providing its relation with the Divine Leadership under 5 sections, (Trustworthy, Guidance, Knowledge, Support & Nobility) it’s an ultimate way to understand the reasoning behind this title and prove Imam Ali‘s (a) various virtues from the Noble Qur’an as well. This book features:

  • Over 50 verses with short and easy tafsir. 

  • References from Ziyarat Jamia al Kabeera, al Ghadeer & Ameenullah.

  • Supportive Ahadith with each verse.

  • 5 Individual sunburst charts with Qur'an reference tables.

  • Clear, concise and modern design.



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The Father of Orphans
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